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Don't Just Watch... Play!

Smallleader_mediumYou've been informed/warned of the impending registration deadline for the Virtual Directeur Sportif Tour de France-Only Contest, which closes next Wednesday, July 2. Follow the link for details, and join our game. But, alas, we're not the only game in town. If you're looking to spice up July, compare and contrast the following options, and choose one or all accordingly...

The VDS! 

The Podium Cafe's original contest, free of creepy-sounding, overused references to "fantasy." Sure, a Tour-only team only gets you a spot in the contest for the race among the 150+ year-long players, but you'd be surprised how few of them actually know anything about the sport.

Pros: Free, simple, not too competitive, nice wool jersey to the winner.

Cons: Risk humiliation in the forums of the Podium Cafe. Also, a number of us are pretty bitter. Particularly the ones with Petacchi eating up 10% of the budget.

Cycling Fever Tour de France Challenge

Our friend DZI is once again running the internet's most sophisticated, free Cycling virtual contest around. Cycling Fever Tour de France Challenge Register, pick your guys, and watch the points roll in! There are sprint challenges, stage challenges, and of course an overall. Better still, Cycling Fever is now offering private groups for mini-competitions among friends within the overall competition, and have created a special Podium Cafe group!

Pros: Free, prizes, sophisticated, ideal for people who want a more hands-on experience.

Cons: Members mostly Dutch, maybe Flemish too(?), and they seem to know an awful lot about Cycling. Translation: I have no chance of winning. Do you?

Fantasy Le Tour Competition (UK) 

I'm not entirely sure who runs this, though it's advertised on Don't quote me on all the rules, read up here instead. Seems like a nice, sophisticated game. If you pay.

Pros: Big prizes. Can't be all bad if CyclingNews is involved.

Cons: Reference to "fantasy." Costs €10.50 per team ($725.44 US) to play. Lacking in personal touches. Where's the love?