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Ricco Touring in July?

CN this morning reports on the latest of shy, retiring Riccardo Ricco who says that he might ride in the Tour de France.  He's feeling good after the Giro- he "hasn't fattened up one gram"- lol- and I guess he's feeling frisky.  

Previously I remember reading that he was looking for the Vuelta; in talking about the Tour he doesn't discuss the rest of his season.  But basically he is Saunier Duval-Scott and if Piepoli is healthy I for one would love Ricco to shake up the Tour.  It seems to me that the early Massif Central stages are tailor made for him to take an early lead since the early TT is not so long that he'd lose massive gobs of time to the likes of Evans and Menchov.

Plus with his mouth he's sure to get the GC contenders up in arms about him.  I can already picture Menchov reading the news today and rolling his eyes!  What fun!

So dear reader- what do you think:  Should he ride and if he does do you think he can win it?