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Landis Appeal Decision Open Thread

Today, Monday, is the rumored date on which the Court of Arbitration in Sport (CAS) will announce its decision on Floyd Landis' appeal of his doping conviction. Arnie Baker is already doing email blasts for Team Floyd, offering me access to 440 pages of evidence demonstrating all the errors. So they too think today is judgment day.

I suspect the decision will be announced long before I wake up, sometime during early business hours, Geneva time.  The decision is to be released at 5pm Geneva time (11am Eastern, 8am Pacific). h/t The Figurehead and assorted  time zone sleuths. To that end, use this open thread to fill in the details as they become known, and otherwise hash it out. Whoever logs on first with editor powers, please add an update to this intro announcing the verdict. IIRC, CAS doesn't have much history of reversals, so without speaking to the case itself, I wouldn't recommend Team Floyd getting too excited. But you never know.

Update! Dismissed:

The International Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) dismissed Floyd Landis's appeal of his suspension for doping at at the 1996 Tour de France. In a 3-0 decision released on Monday, CAS confirmed the initial decision issued by a panel of the American Arbitration Association (AAA) on 20 September 2007. "Consequently, Floyd Landis is disqualified from the Tour de France 2006 and is suspended for a period of two years starting from 30 January 2007. Floyd Landis has been ordered to pay the sum of $100,000 to the United States Anti-doping Agency (USADA) as a contribution towards its costs in the CAS arbitration."