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Our Tour de France Preview Mag!

Letour-sq2_1__mediumSince Cycle Sport has, in its words, issued "the only Tour guide that counts," I'd say it's time for the Podium Cafe to announce "the only Tour guide that you didn't waste $7.99 on." Yep, we're covering all angles of the Tour de France in our various previews... which, taken together look an awful lot like a magazine. And all for the low, low, LOW price of your productivity at the office. You may have already seen these, but in any event here's what you can read up on here at the Cafe in anticipation of the World's Greatest Bike Race:

The Participants:

The Course:

The Distractions:

Three More Must-Have External Resources 

And this isn't counting all the team rosters, Gossip della Gavia, news, rumors, flowcharts, etc. I'll leave this post in the features for the rest of the week, so anyone who stops by can get the benefit of all the prep work being done here for the Tour. Feel free to use the comments to group other resources here.