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Giro photos and videos

Well, with just a few days to go until the Tour de France, I've finally finished sorting, posting, and labeling my Giro photos.  Here's a link to my Giro 2008 album on photobucket:

Giro 2008 photos

[ED] See more on the flip:

There are ten pages of thumbnails, so it's a lot of pictures.  If you just want to hit the highlights, Bennati is featured on pages 2,3,6,7, and 10, and the pictures of Bettini with daughter Veronica are on page 9.  The pictures from Passo Fedaia are first, and after that, they're in the order of the stages.

I'm also  going to try to post a few videos here.  After the trouble I had loading the Simoni interview video while I was in Italy, I didn't take many videos, so I only have a few.  The first one is of the time trial finish in Urbino.  You can see that the uphill continues after the finish line, and most riders slowed to a crawl until someone came to push them.  The hero of the day was the race official seen here pushing Pate, Huguet, and Voigt.  Whenever there was no team helper around, this guy stepped in.

Urbino finish

The next two are parts one and two of the post-race interviews with a very upbeat Gilberto Simoni.  I realized after I got home that the reason this wouldn't load before was because the file was too large, so I've split it into two parts.

Simoni interviews, part 1

Simoni interviews, part 2

In case that didn't work, here's a link to the videos on photobucket:

Giro 2008 videos

To see out this year's Giro coverage, here are a few podium close-ups from Passo Fedaia and Milano