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Stage 6, Super-Besse... LIVE!


Into the Massif Central for two days of (hopefully) wide-open racing. There's a nice convergence of factors that have made the first few days entertaining: no dominant team or patron; lots of deep, talented squads; fair weather; few crashes; and some unusually interesting roads. As a result, things seem just a wee bit less tentative than past years, don't they?

I've often thought that while conservative racing for the GC is the smart move, perhaps the sport collectively understands that they need to put on a show right now, to restore the sport's image. Not that Cadel Evans is going to launch a 50km attack today and squander his dreams for the fans' sake... but apart from the Pashas of the peloton, perhaps the rest of the guys are just a little more inclined to try something this year.

And that is your amusingly undisprovable, possibly fact-free assertion of the day. Enjoy!