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Piti Barks: TAS declared competent

A little doping news for your Friday. In a note published today, TAS has been declared competent to deliberate on the appeal brought by WADA and the UCI. Specifically, the joint appeal challenges the decision of the Spanish Federation not to open a disciplinary procedure against Valverde in relation to the Operation Puerto evidence.

But don't expect any action any time soon. The TAS case awaits evidence from the Spanish Judiciary, those same people who have been so generous with the information in relation to Puerto so far. Principally, TAS has requested blood bag number 18, which evidence allegedly linked to Valverde and remains in the possession of the Spanish authorities. The Tribunal has already requested the extradition of the evidence, but so far, the Spanish authorities have refused to turn over the evidence. Today, the arbitrators have given the Spanish a six months delay to do so. If TAS does not receive the evidence from Spain, it is unclear how the case will proceed, as the arbitrators will have limited evidence on which to base a judgment.

updated, 07.11.09, 9.20 am.

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