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Short Housekeeping Note

Brilliant day at the Tour today. If you didn't love that stage, you're on the wrong site. Anyway I just wanted to pass along a couple organizational thoughts:

I'm not promoting a lot of fanposts to the front page during the Tour. There's a lot of posting going on, and as a result the main articles wind up on page two by the end of the day. Which would be fine if that was necessary to get all the excellent fanposts noticed... but it's not. I too am getting to learn the new platform, and it seems like the list of new fanposts in the right sidebar is prominent enough and getting tons of use, so promoting them is redundant and interferes with the author posts. We'll get back to promoting stuff when things slow down after the Tour, though even then I'm not sure it'd be necessary. For now, if you aren't already reading the fanposts in the right sidebar as religiously as the main column, you might want to.

As for today, since tomorrow is a rest day I'm going to hold off on power polls and flowcharts. It's tempting to crank out about 15 posts on the Tour right now, but there's time. Let's spend the day absorbing what just happened, then we'll have all day tomorrow for a whole set of power polls, VDS smack, and looking ahead to what's next.