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Le Tour Virtual DS Open Thread

New results posted... and some big changes. Basically, I made the executive decision to expunge Riccardo Ricco from the standings. Technically this is not a finality in real life; he still has a b-sample coming before the Tour expunges him from their records too. But IMHO this is the right thing to do, since he is nearly certain to have his stage wins taken away, and I don't want to have to re-do the standings six weeks after we thought we knew who won. Let's just get on with it now. If there are concerns about this, I'm all ears, but as a Ricco owner myself, you can rest assured that I'm not doing this for fun.

Beyond that, Team Zoe! is keeping right on the wheel of the Davis WW and Almost Not Going Spanish squads, scoring one for the latecomers. Ricco's points got distributed around, so the effect is that scores are closer than they were with him included. Like the Tour itself, nothing has been decided.

And a special illustration on the flip, in honor of deposed leader Guttersnipes: