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Le Tour: Rider Diaries


Tour time means rider diaries galore. Always, there are far too many rider diaries and expert opinions for any one cycling fan to find. Good thing there's more than one of us here at the Cafe. Find a fun rider diary? Read an entertaining expert? Got links? Post them here.

I'll put this post in the features, so it stays all close by and handylike, and update it with a nice tidy list as the links come in. One stop shopping. So convenient.

List below the fold...

Caisse d'Épargne

Julian Dean

Romain Feillu, French language

Robert Förster

Will Frischkorn

Simon Gerrans

Ryder Hesjdahl

George Hincapie

Bobby Julich

Stuey O'Grady

Harry Pearson, The Guardian

Jérôme Pineau, French language

Dave Shields

Tour day Schmalz,

Geraint Thomas