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Wondering what the fashion-forward cyclist is wearing in France this July?

Fresh off the runways of Foix, France, Riccardo Ricco shows us what's hot!


To add bulk to his slim frame and give him that manly look, Riccardo chooses the horizontal stripes. Très Chic! Cooling white stripes for summer add contrast to simple black. Stripes are the new black, mais oui! Anklets are all the rage, report our spies among the gendarmerie, who are always in the know. The heavy chain, so unfinished, so industrial, so moderne! Merveilleux! The ball, now, this we do not precisely understand. So inconvenient. But bien sûr, one must suffer to be beautiful, n'est-ce pas? Coordinating accessories, the socks, the shoes, the sunglasses, and even the hat, ooh, là là, c'est parfait. We are aux anges! We can hardly wait to see who next adopts this cutting edge new style. Perhaps he will give it his own personal twist? We swoon at the thought, mes amis, absolutement bouleversé at the sight of such style, such je ne sais quoi.

Image by Veloki. All rights reserved. Please do not repost without permission. It's not nice.