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Gossip du Jour

Transfer Supplement!

A few transfers are confirmed today. Consider this post a little Gossip supplement. We simply could not add anything more to yesterday's edition!

First, Sylvain Chavanel has announced that he will ride for Quick-Step for two years. Rumor also connects Jérôme Pineau of Bouygues Télécom, and Sébastien Minard and Stéphane Augé of Cofidis with Quick-Step, though these riders are not yet confirmed.

Allan Davis will also go to Quick-Step next season. He will likely play lead-out for Tom Boonen. He replaces the departing Gert Steegmans who has signed with Katuysha.

The Hair has gone Russian. Confirming long-standing rumors, Filippo Pozzato will ride for Katuysha next season. He did not mention the details of his contract, but it is likely a very nice one. He will target the classics for his new squadra.

In the negotiating phase: Jose Enrique Gutierrez, il Bufalo, currently negotiates with Rock Racing.

Confirmed! Jerôme Pineau will reportedly ride for Quick-Step for the next two seasons. Note from Gav: This is now confirmed by Pineau on his bloggy. Thanks Lyne!