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What is 1:34?

One minute, thirty four seconds. Not even enough time to sufficiently microwave a burrito. Here are some other time markers, to put Cadel Evans' deficit to yellow into perspective. Feel free to add your own.

  • Time it took the Minutemen to get ready for battle: 2:25
  • Time required for my espresso machine to warm up: 3.17
  • Time required for Filippo Pozzato to position his time trial helmet: 4.51
  • Total elapsed hair and helmet preparation time, Filippo Pozzato: 17.32
  • Time required to make minute rice: 1.00 (so they say)
  • Elapsed time spent planning this post: 0.45
  • Average elapsed time for DS Little Bear to put on his shoes, from first request to completion: 22.02
  • Cumulative time spent by Stefan Schumacher in deep, meaningful contemplation, 2008 Tour de France: 1.28
  • Time spent discussing who will win this time trial: incalculable
  • Total elapsed time, 2008 Tour de France, Carlos Sastre: 82.54.36
  • Gaps between top four as a percent of total time: approx. three hundredths of one percent.

More nonsense, on the flip: 


Cadel's video valentine to the yellow jersey:

Hoodoo Gurus!