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Virtual Directeur Sportif Tour de France Comp Results...

The moment you've all been waiting for:

  1. Guttersnipes  2995 points
  2. TVM 2430
  3. Kickstand 2225
  4. Zabriskie's Mustache Ride 2180
  5. Team Davis Wheelworks 2165
  6. Si Ja Da 2090
  7. Fuzzy Pear Shapes 2085
  8. Spin Kings 2075
  9. Crevaison 2065
  10. Echelon of Fools/Fromagerie Duval 2050

All hail Guttersnipes! Kinda saw this one coming a few days ago... DS Kimrodgers is in line for a Podium Cafe wool jersey!

As for the mini-podium, here's your top-three from the Tour-Only section:

  1. Team Zoe! 1450
  2. Team Bikenik 1365
  3. Feel the Noise and Thunder 1260

Pretty much a wire-to-wire win for ZoeRochelle, who'll receive a prize of choice from the Podium Cafe Schwagbag, mostly cool old pro jerseys from the 1990s. I'd love it if someone has time to spend the 50 points allotted to the Tour-only participants and see if you can put together a team that could hang with Guttersnipes. Seems to me Kohl and Vandevelde were serious bargains.

Thanks to all for playing! And feel free not to comment on my team.