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Yearlong VDS: Davis Wheelworks Laps the Field!

Yep, it's the day Bruno has been waiting for, the day he claims his first yellow jersey. [Right? Or was there a brief one earlier? anyway...] Jered has gone all Astana, aced out at the Tour and erased from the leaderboard as a result. Guttersnipe, fresh off her stunning success in France, rockets up to second place... but for how long? Fromagerie Duval is shadowing Kimchi's every move. Another half-dozen teams lurk in the 7000-7200 range, well within sight of the podium.

Anyway, Bruno now gets the golden fleece inserted in his icon. We used to put it in the signature, but that doesn't seem to work on the 2.0 platform, and anyway the icon is a good place for it. Somehow I doubt anyone with an existing icon will object to it being replaced. Besides, the conversation is moot... for now.

The next marker in the road is August 24. Following the Olympics and the summer classics, it will be time to award the next Vredestein Prize, a pair of Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp racing tires. I think the remaining pair are blue but don't quote me. Whoever is in the lead on that day will take home these lovely treads. I'm rooting for someone in the existing top-two, though only in the hope that -- just once -- I don't have to spring for the cost of mailing stuff to Holland. No offense to our conspicuously successful Dutch VDS renners. Anyway, that's four weeks off, not much time to make up ground on Bruno's big lead. Good luck! New spreadsheet in left sidebar...