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Piepoli Denies, Bossoni Positive

D_medium Leonardo Piepoli met with Etorre Torri today for about an hour today in Rome. Torri asked him about his relationship with Ricco and his firing from the team formerly known as Saunier Duval. Piepoli refused to provide any information. Said Torri, "He has said nothing of importance relative to the investigation. He denied everything." According to press reports, Torri appeared unfazed by this setback and one report described him as "laconic." It seems Torri did not have high expectations for the meeting.

It's busy days at CONI, and today Italian anti-doping authorities announced two positives, both for EPO, from the Italian national championship week. Paolo Bossoni of Lampre tested positive after the elite national championship. Lampre has suspended the 32 year old Bossoni and he will not start the Classico San Sebastian. Giovanni Carini tested positive after winning the national championship for elites without contract. He will now lose the title.

This concludes today's edition of the Daily Doping Digest. Really, we would prefer that this feature did not occur every day.

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