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Water-Gate: Evans IS Injured

Cadel Evans has now stated that he had a mishap at a post-Tour de France celebration where he slipped on water and injured himself. VN with the story. His team downplayed it initially, and Evans himself didn't think it was anything at first, but...

"But on the flight home my knee began to swell up so I had to consider going to see a specialist who recommended cancelling my ride in the criterium in Belgium in favour of getting some scans done," said Evans. "It's not a major injury but it's something I will have to manage carefully.

Consequently, Evans is out of San Sebastian, out of the Beijing Olympic time trial, and taking a wait-and-see attitude toward the road race. Pretty major development, even if his exhausting Tour seemed to limit his prospects of any further results. If nothing else, it gives Australia a chance to focus on some of its other talented riders. For starters, Columbia's Mick Rogers has taken Evans' starting slot in the Olympic time trial. Not sure who their captain for the road race is though. Stuey??