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Almost... there...

Letour-sq2_1__mediumThe 95th Tour de France starts tomorrow in Brest at 12.30pm local time. Live TV coverage in the US begins at 8.30am eastern, 5.30am Pacific... about two hours into the race. If you can't wait the extra time, Versus has a little treat for the American audience: live streaming of the first two hours! So far they're offering this for stages 1 & 2, but we'll see when else it occurs. See the full Versus schedule for other details.

We will have a live thread started well in advance. The general rule is, threads get a bit overloaded once we get to around 400 comments, so I'll try to get a second one going sometime around that point.

Consider this your open thread for the rest of the day. Happy Independence Day! [Apologies to our British friends. Heck, we're like any offspring... you'd have wanted us to move out at some point.]