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Dotty Doodlez


The King of the Mountains classification is always hard to predict. Very often, a young unknown rider, like say Juan Mauricio Soler, is able to slip away from the field and snap up the points. Often, we expect failed GC riders to chase the Pois, but in truth, it doesn't happen all that often. The typical tactic for the KOM is lengthy breakaways. Can someone win it from the main field? Certo, it simply hasn't happened lately. This year's course may well favor an escapist, with the tricky middle mountain stages. For now, there is no KOM specialist in the bunch, a rider like Richard Virenque or Laurent Jalabert, in his later year, whom we can expect to chase the Dots. Rémy DiGrégorio would someday like to fill that role, but this year may come too soon for his chances.

Me, I don't know who to predict for the King of the Mountains. In the end, I am nearly always surprised by the winner.