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Angliru Quick Challenge: We Have A Winner!


All bow down to our new spoke-y overlord!

spokejunky almost lapped the field with a solid 65 points.  Let me tell you some details:

First, remember the scoring system:

Top five finishers only were counted.  If you nailed the 1st place finisher (Contador) you got 25 points. Exactly predicting each of the other four spots scored 20 points each. Finally if you predicted any of the top five but not in the place they finished you scored 5 points.

Ok. To win, spokejunky was the only participant to exactly predict where three of the riders would place: Contador, Rodriguez, and Sastre.  That's 65 points.

Three folks tied with 50 points and going to the tiebreaker (accurately predicting the higher placed riders of the five) cyclingchallenge snagged 2nd by correctly guessing where Contador and Leipheimer would finish. CC also guessed Sastre for 5 extra points.

3rd and 4th place were exactly tied after the tie break: kimchi and yours truly guessed Contador and Sastre for 1st and 5th and also had Leipheimer in the wrong place.

5th place was nailed down by dhedrick with 45 points correctly guessing Contador and Sastre.

Some fun facts!

- No one guessed Valverde would finish 2nd.

- Only two people had Rodriguez finishing 3rd (and I think only 1 or 2 others even guessed Rodriguez).

- Only cyclingchallenge and Drew guessed Leipheimer in 4th.

-Only WhyWhat guessed 4 of the finishers. No one guessed all five. Only one other  contestant guessed less than 2 or 3.

- 14 people (of 35) guessed that Contador would win.

- 4 of the top 5 guessed the Contador/Sastre 1/5 finish.

That's it!  spokejunky- email Chris for your swag!