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Samuel Sanchez to Cervélo? Sadly, Denied.

Now with press release goodness!

Tuesday Update, by Gav. Team Cervélo is raining on our transfer season hijinx parade. In a press release today, the team denied any negotiations with Sanchez. The rider has also confirmed that he will ride out his contract with Euskaldi-Euskatel. Gracias to the Spanish press for raising our hopes like this. Team Cervélo also denied any interest in signing Thomas Dekker, whose manager is busy spreading rmors on his behalf (CSC-Saxo Bank is the most recent), and Björn Leukemans.

Alas, we knew the Sanchez transfer was too good to be true, especially considering the cash involved. Still, between Sastre and Hushovd, Cervélo ought to keep us plenty entertained in the coming year.

Monday, 15 September. Samuel Sanchez is on the verge of signing a two year contract with the new Cervélo Test Team, led by Tour winner Carlos Sastre. So reports today. If the transfer is confirmed, Sanchez adds serious power to the new team, which also recently signed former Green jersey winner, Thor Hushovd.

According to report last week in La Nueva Espana, the new Swiss team is reportedly willing to pay close to 2 million euro to seal the deal. First, Cervélo will need to buy Sanchez out of his current contract with Euskaldi-Euskatel, at a cost estimated at 900,000 euro. Then, the team must match - or exceed - his existing salary, believed to be in the neighborhood of 600,00 euro. An Olympic gold medal might add a few euros to that number. Reportedly, the Sanchez transfer comes at the request of Carlos Sastre.

We eagerly await confirmation of this fab-looking transfer. Too good to be true? Anything's possible in the silly season.

Sporza, meanwhile, confirms the transfers of Andreas Klier and Roger Hammond from Team Columbia to Cervélo.

Really, I can't wait to see whom they sign next. Verrrry intriguing looking team right there.