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Cervelo TestTeam riders

It is not our habit to react to rumors, but it seems some media have gone overboard perpetuating stories that have absolutely no basis in reality. We are noticing that most riders we are contacting are very professional about it and do not speak to the media about any impending contracts, while riders we have never spoken to are apparently close to signing with us. So let us state for the record:


  • The team has have never spoken to Mr. Samuel Sanchez, we have no plans to hire him or to buy him out of any existing contract. Not to mention that we would not have the budget to do so anyway, we are a modest team able to attract great riders because they believe in our concept, not because we buy them out of existing contracts.
  • We have never spoken to Mr. Bjorn Leukemans or Mr. Thomas Dekker either.

    We wish these gentlemen all the success in their future careers. If there is something to report, you can rest assured we will let the media know.



    Seems simple enough. Now if only Gavia would stop going overboard, then nice people at Team Cervelo will tone down their tart little anti-media screeds. Honestly, it's a transfer rumor. You'd think from their reaction someone slandered their mothers. I should add, notwithstanding the addressee line, I'm not (yet) signed to ride for Cervelo. Love the budget-sandbagging though, that's a new one.