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Vuelta VDS: Showdown Time!

Vds2_medium New standings in the left sidebar. The Saint continues his dominant ways, raising the unhappy specter of more overseas shipping charges, but there are several viable challengers. And the Vuelta-only category is a complete slugfest, which will literally be decided in the final km.

First, remember that early VDS scores in a stage race are an illusion: the vast majority of the points are awarded based on final overall placings. With that in mind, while the Saint has had an impressive run, his top GC guy is Alejandro Valverde. Third-placed RHCP is feasting on stage wins, but doesn't have a single remaining GC threat. Second placed Big Farmers own Contador and Levi Leipheimer... if anyone beats Big Farmers in the final standings, I'll eat my horribly uncomfortable Selle San Marco Aspide saddle.

As for the Vuelta-Only folks, there are no less than ten teams still in contention, all by virtue of having Alberto Contador on the roster. Fish Kebab Bonanza has succeeded with Bert's predictable excellence, a series of stage wins, and the Egoi Martinez run of luck. Like the Saint, those stage wins won't mean too much beyond the points already tallied. If you peruse the rosters of teams in contention, there's Have Hills Will Climb, with Bert, Sastre and Gesink, as well as Celestin, with Bert, Gesink, Mosquera and Zaugg. Prolly a couple others. Anyway, Fish Kebab is in good position but hardly out of the woods. Stay tuned.