ING Direct Capital Criterium: Photo Gallery


While you wait for higher res pix from the real photographers, here are some pix of the ING kids race, the crit, and some of the PC members who turned out (sign courtesy of Roadside!).  I also have some video (including the crash on the "penultimate" lap) that I am trying to get to Rocketpress in hopes that he can do some combinatorial magic on it. 

pix below, and more pix here. (Anything after the scenic greenery shot is from the Head of the Anacostia, the day before.)

P.S. Before Sui Juris says anything...yes, I sucked his wheel for a good couple of hours in the afternoon, and am not ashamed to say I had a great time doing it [grin].

From ING crit race, DC; also "head of the Anacostia"