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Allrightie folks, it's that time of year again, the serious-bike-retail-show-fans-seeking-autographs-free-schwag-contract-negociation-party-free-schwag-drinking-what-the-heck-lets-add-two-races-all-in-Vegas event known as Interbike. Love it or hate it, it's the place to be at the end of the road season in the bike business in North America.

And I'll be there, reporting all most some of the happenings to PodiumCafe readers.  So what's going on, you may ask?

Bike  (frame, component, tire, saddles,  any techie stuff you can think of and more) vendors are showing their new wares to retailers, hustling for orders. Pro riders of all sorts sit in booths and sign autographs to bring attention to the booth.  Media is running around taking photos of anything that moves or is shiny, bonus points if it's shiny and moving. Oh, and lots of alcohol is flowing.

And to make it even more interesting, two races will be held under the stars: Cross Vegas and the finale of the USA Crits Series.

Update: I'll leave it up to Chris to come up with a way to distribute the schwag (mostly autographed posters) once I get back.

More on the flip (but before moving on, cool doodad from Vee again!)

CrossVegas on Wednesday, starting with the Wheelers and Dealers at 6:30pm, followed by the Elite Women race and culminating in the Elite Men race at 9pm (and importantly the beer garden opens at 6pm). Interesting lineup which includes Cross National Champ Tim Johnson, . Thomas Frischknech, Andy Jacques-Mayne, Chris Jones, Jonathan Page,  starcrossed winner Jeremy Powers, Wells bros Todd & Troy, and the twin towers of Barry Wicks and Ryan Trebon ... and lots more. The women include starcrossed winner Sue Butler, Katie Compton, Georgia Gould, Laura Van Gilder and more. (warning: I have never shot a cross race at night, should be interesting).

On Thursday evening, is the final of the USA Crits Series, yep a 1km parking lot at the Mandalay Bay in Vegas. The Pro/1/2 Women start at 7:20pm and the Pro/1 Men at 9:15pm (bummer no beer garden on the schedule). No start list yet. Of note, the races will be streamed live at

Finally, the current schedule of all happenings can be seen here

And pics from 2005 & 2006:


Even Eddy needs a nametag


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