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Vuelta VDS: We Have Winners!


UPDATE! Here's the Spreadsheet.

Another grand tour has come and gone, and with it go more prizes from the Podium Cafe. In the category of best overall performance by a yearlong VDS team, the winner is Big Farmers! Following Johan Bruyneel's lead, the farmers put together a team of Leipheimer and Contador, to predictable effect. Well done to Team Born From Jets, which used a crafty combination of Sastre, Moncoutie, Boonen and Gesink to make a race of it. But there was no stopping the Farmers... future owners of a Podium Cafe wool jersey.

In the category of best performance by someone who sauntered along after missing out on the year-long comp, congrats to Celestin! The Vuelta-only battle was a much more tightly contested affaire, with so many Contador owners and fully seven teams within some 240 points of the win. In the end Celestin's pick of Zeke Mosquera, Robert Gesink and Oliver Zaugg sewed up the win, though big ups to Fish Kebab Bonanza who relied on a host of surprising performances (Egoi, Nick Roche, David Arroyo, Seb Hinault) to nearly pull the upset. Celestin gets an item from the shwag box, which still includes some pretty nice jerseys.

Winners contact me offline. Full results in the sidebar. Well done all!