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Peace In Our Time?

Honestly, I'm growing weary and impatient with the ASO-UCI war stories, and have no idea what to make of this:

The sport's governing body issued a statement that read simply, "The International Cycling Union and the Editions Philippe Amaury (owner of ASO and Société du Tour de France), RCS and Unipulbic have signed an agreements today to put an end to the disputes that have existed over the past four years.

"These agreements provide a framework within which the parties will work together for the sport of cycling going forward. All parties believe that this marks the start of a new positive era for a united cycling family."

Well, that's lovely. After two years of tearing apart the sport in a murder-suicide battle for supremacy, the two warring parties have a "framework for working together." Is this a big deal or not? Does it solve the major challenges facing the sport, or does it just mean that someone bought a ream of paper and some pens with which to draft an actual accord? Has anyone agreed to anything substantive? Will Pat McQuaid hang a "Mission Accomplished!" banner outside UCI offices this weekend? [Sorry, low blow.]

This may be the day we've all been waiting for, but in their unending tradition of putting forth the most unhelpful information possible, the ASO and UCI have succeeded in leaving us hanging. Yet again.