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News from Bobby J and Rahsaan Bahati


As we all know,  Bobby Julich announced his retirement from Team CSC Saxo Bank earlier in August. The 36-year old rider has been with the team since 2004 and is looking ahead to a possible future within the sport.

This morning, Bobby J told me that he was offered a DS position with the team but he turned it down as he said he "wasn't a good multitasker" with such tasks as driving, texting and talking on the radio and that furthermore, he "hated to drive". He wants to stay with the team, and he is still talking about his future with Bjarne Riis and would like to work in some capacity with the younger riders because he believes "that is what his strengths are".

I also talked to Rock Racing's Rahsaan Bahati yesterday. In a cyclingnews interview in July, Bahati describes his  chronic injuries, from his crushed L5 vertebrae is crushed to his overgrown  right femur which  doesn't fit in my hip socket. I asked Rahsaan about his surgery plans, and he will go under the knife in a few weeks to take care of his hip, but will not have surgery for his back. As he put it, he talked to a few people, and they told him "not do it because he would never come back as strong".