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Armstrong Pondering Pink?

So he tells Andy Hood at VN:

“Not participating in the Giro was a regret of mine. I would love to try that, with their 100th year anniversary,” he said. “I’ve never done it before. There’s no precedent, it’s definitely a departure. It depends on how you race a Giro. If you went to win and raced to win, I would be concerned that you couldn’t recover in time. Considering that I haven’t raced the past three and a half years, part of this is needing some race days, more than I normally got in other years.”

Sorry to belabor the Lance news, but for a good five years at the start of the millenium I had hoped he'd say something like this. Also, the Giro could use a bona fide grand tour guy, with Contador unlikely to return and Ricco off to the gulags. Finally, it'd help show he's clean, putting himself into Ettore Torri's jurisdiction for a month. OTOH, if he's just going there to train, don't bother. The 100th Giro doesn't need pointless distractions, and it's too beautiful a race to be mocked. So we'll see. Crikey, why doesn't Lance just take a chance and see if he can recover? It's not exactly unprecedented.