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Sastre to Katyusha?

The Sastre story takes another twist today. It was widely expected that Sastre would hold a press conference today, in order to announce his decision to sign with the new Cervélo team, registered in Switzerland. Instead, l'Équipe reports that the Sastre has signed with Katyusha.

The new contract between the Spanish Tour winner and the Russian team will reportedly run two years. The official announcement will occur after the Vuelta has finished on 21 September, out of respect for Sastre's leadership of CSC-Saxo Bank.

The last word on the Sastre story? Maybe. Cue Sastre's denial of the story in 3, 2...

Update: Sastre has now denied the story. Sadly, I did not get an elapsed time on how long it took for him to issue his denial.

Update:The kids at l'Équipe have now updated their story, substituting Cervélo for Katyusha. For added entertainment, Katyusha remains in the url. The contract is still reportedly for two years.

Bottom line? We still do not know where Sastre will sign. So much fun to watch the press get themselves all dizzy trying to keep up with the story.