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Mendrisio '09: More of the Same?

Short post, but since we're still savoring the Worlds, I thought I'd point out a few things.

  1. Mendrisio, Switzerland, the host city of the 2009 UCI World Championships, is less than 12 miles away from Varese. 
  2. The road course for the elite men is 262km, a mere 2km more than this year's. The total vertical rise is 4655 meters (cumulatively over 19 circuits). This is actually a full 1000 meters more than the Varese course.
  3. As for the all-telling profile, let's compare:
That's Varese. Now look at Mendrisio:
Not identical. Close enough. If you thought this year was fun, you probably won't be disappointed in '09 either. You're also probably not a sprinter.