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La Vuelta VDS: First Standings!

First, thanks for your patience. This is the last major hand-operated effort in Podium Cafe history, with any luck. Falling at a busy time, it's taken a bit for me to catch up. Also, a few notes:

  • Because I didn't scan the new entries in time (while on vacation), there are a few errors around. If you submitted a team with a name who you thought was a 1-pointer, and in fact he was worth more... it's too late to ask for substitutions. Therefore, you have been awarded Angel Gomez in place of the improperly valued rider. Hope that's not too harsh.
  • I will not update the yearlong VDS until after the Vuelta. There are three other races which need spreadsheets, and I can't get to them just yet.
  • If you submitted a new team, please check your roster and make sure it's correct. I entered these as fast as humanly possible.
  • If you're wondering about the funny point totals on stage 1, that's how the TTT is scored: 20% of the stage winner's points to each rider who makes it over the line with the scoring team. In Liquigas' case, the winning team included seven riders; with Caisse d'Epargne the full nine; Quick Step, the minimum five.
  • MVP so far: Alejandro Valverde. I'll leave it to Ursula to determine who the MVP value is (points scored over cost). Alessandro Ballan's haul on stage 7 -- stage and three jerseys -- is as good as it gets in a day.

Incredibly tight battle among the newcomers, with four teams within 14 points, led by Pyrenees Dweller at 271. The Saint (again!) holds a fat lead among the overall, at 605 points, with Vamos Alejandro and RHCP the only folks within 100 points. But, as usual, the final standings change everything, and so far the Saint is getting by on Valverde, Boonen and Rebellin. So stay tuned.

Full standings can be accessed HERE. [I'll update the sidebars shortly.]