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Angliru Quick Challenge: Let's Get Started!

ED: Reposted. Deadline in 25.5 hours...

Two weeks ago I announced a new contest: the Angliru Quick Challenge, where you pick the top five finishers of Saturday's epic Vuelta a Espana Stage 13 and hope to win a prize from the illustrious Podium Cafe swag-bag. Follow the link for details, but the essence is:

  • Gotta be registered with the site to play
  • Pick the top five stage finishers, in order, by Friday noon
  • Whoever scores the highest from our complex points system wins!

I had directed that you send in your submissions by email, and a few of you have, but I think it'd be more fun to have people submit by commenting on this post, so you can debate the matter, and avoid picking the same guys as Drew. If you've emailed me, you're in (though you can join the fray here too). If not... well, we know how the race is shaping up for Saturday, so let's get started.