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Podium Cafe 2008: The Year That Was

Happy 2009 everyone! I don't want to give an emotional speech about what a great year 2008 was for the Cafe; you guys know I love you. So, some statistics... and you know what they say: statistics always tell an important story.

  • 1,054: the number of posts
  • 1,170: the total number of fanposts, fanshots and diaries (PdC1.0-speak)
  • 112,257: total number of comments
  • 596: number of registered members. I never had statistics under the old platform, but I believe we began 2008 with some 200 members. Not sure that the site is three times as popular; perhaps we just gave lurkers three times as much incentive to register.
  • 2.0: probably the most important number of all. To get all misty-eyed, go here.
  • 3 milion: historical page views milestone, crossed in the last week. We should hit a million visits this year, approximately sometime between the Valkenberg and the Muur van Geraardsbergen.
  • 227,288: number of page views in July alone.
  • 1,324,771: pictures of Daniele Bennati. Are pictures like chocolate? Is there a point where you've seen so many that he stops being good looking?
2009 will contain a few more milestones. Our one millionth visit -- somehow we need to figure out a way to determine who it is. We will also convene the first official Podium Cafe Meet-up and kegger, in Los Olivos, CA, a block from the Solvang Time Trial course. During the Solvang Time Trial. Mark your calendars; details to follow. The Virtual Directeur Sportif will likely be transformed into a modern form, though this is akin to sprucing up the Sistine Chapel. And so on.

I've said many times, this site has become exactly what we hoped when we created it in February, 2006: a community effort by a real community of people. Bravo... and roll up your sleeves for 2009.