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2009 Yearlong Spoiler Alert

Bit of housekeeping and/or policy, just in time for the Tour Down Under. Our modus operandi here at the Cafe is to discuss results of all races in real time. Now, I recognize that a fair number of races will be broadcast or webcast in tape delay mode, and there are always fans who want to watch the delayed video without knowing who won. If you fit that description, then commit this message to memory for the entire season: Stay away from the Podium Cafe until you're done watching or WE WILL SPOIL THE ENDING FOR YOU!

I suppose you could call this a policy, but honestly I don't see any alternative. We speak with some 600 voices (and counting) here, and from a variety of time zones with a variety of access to live video. Keeping the lid on results would be too complex and annoying to actually happen. I raise this now because no race is more tape-delayed than the TDU, which means the spoiler alert issue will be cropping up in the next 24 hours. So there's your warning, now and for the rest of the calendar. Cheers!