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UCI Bio-Passport: Playing the Numbers Game

D_medium The German television station ARD ran a story on Sunday covering the UCI passport. They interviewed Robin Parisotto, who is among the experts working on the UCI program. Parisotto worked with the Australian Institute of Sport and developed a test for EPO back in 2000. The anti-doping expert told ARD that the UCI has collected over a thousand samples from riders since they began the program in January 2008, and that the samples of more than 30 riders suggest the use of doping. "The UCI has collected and analyzed over a thousand blood tests from riders for the biological passport program as of today. Of those tests, more than 30 are suspect. And for some, there is now going to be a sanction," said Parisotto.

When might those sanctions occur? The UCI's apparent delay in announcing the results of the passport program has raised questions and doubts about the program. Back in November, the UCI announced that the results would be available in early December. It's now January, and still no results. What accounts for the delay? Parisotto explained: "I can not give a deadline, when there will be results and which riders have possibly shown suspicious results. This is a very complex business, and before we go to the public, all the right conclusions must be reached for a possible doping investigation."

The German press can never pass up a doping story. At the same time, Robin Parisotto has now gone on record to confirm that the blood passport program has turned up some anomalous results. Will the UCI open proceedings in any of the cases? Do grounds for sanctions exist in the results currently held at the UCI? Impossible to say just yet. As Parisotto said, it's a complex business.

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