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VN: 2009 Is All About the Comebacks

They're here. This year. Get used to it. Velonewscover_medium

VN's preview, due out during the ToC or something. I'm not interested in opening debate here. Just know that there will be non-stop competition between the media's obsession with these three guys and our obsession with, say, whoever just won the Tour de Romandie. I would counsel patience with the preaching to the less tuned-in masses, but at some point the media will need to put these stories in their proper perspective. Other than the Giro, I don't expect many wins from this coterie.

On another note, as a graphic novel fan (yep, I went there) I see this particular cover as a positive development. Oh, and just wondering, but does Lance want to be in this picture? I mean, at least as far as the UCI is concerned, one of these things is not like the others. But then Floyd might object too... forget it.