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VDS: 2009- A Word On Building Your Team



Did you know that in 2008 Bert scored three thousand points (that's 3000) in VDS? What? You say I'm wrong? You say that if I just read the season ending spreadsheet (that's supposing I can read of course) that I could see that he scored only a measly 2765 points? Well there's only one word I can say to you:


If you go waaaaay back to 08 and what he did then and fold in the proposed new races into Bert's point totals you get that he would have scored 3000 (that's 3-0-0-0 or three with three zeros after it). He gets his extra points by winning Castile y Leon and placing 3rd in Murcia.  3000 points. That's three Tom Boonens. Practically six Killers. 8.5 \o/s. An infinite number of Large Bombs. God knows how many Italians. In other words that's just a crazy number. Oh- and Valverde actually scored 2796 points- more than YOU thought Contador scored when you went to bed last night. If Bert and Al were their own team they would have outscored 12 real VDS teams and had 54% of the winning VDS team's total.

So, a word of advice in constructing your 09 VDS team- IF you don't want to look like the road kill that Jens will surely be this year: if you look at the 08 VDS totals for help in making your 09 team realize that some riders are helped more than others when you include the new races. For riders like Bert and Al, the extra points are practically pocket change (though every point counts in VDS regardless of which rider is scoring) but for other riders... well lets just say you'll find some surprises if you dig. Now if only Ed Reed rode a bike...he'd be over 4000...