Ranking the Strongest Team

After a small discusion in the SaxoBank tread I figured I would like to know which team is overall strong.. We all know Quick-Step year is based on April but is that really true? Let's take a look about the 8th strongest team, in mine opinion, and how allround their teams are.

I'm not gonna include all the races. Take the important one.

The 10 teams: Astana, Saxo Bank, Liquigas, Rabobank, Caisse D'Epargne, Silence-Lotto, Katusja and Quick-Step. Updated with Lampre and Team Colombia. For their rosters click here

System: We have 5 categories

  1. Springclassice
  2. Het 3-luik
  3. Tour of Suisse and Dauphine
  4. Grand Tours
  5. World Champs and Giro Lombardia

Put a number 1 to 10 to the teams in this category and the one of the highest score wins..

p.s. All mistakes are mine.. So if you miss a cyclist or think I have included a cyclist how isn't supposed to be there be my guest in the comments.  

Clear? Ready.. Set.. Go!

on the flip!



28 Het Volk (4)

1 Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne (5)
25 Dwars door Vlaanderen (5)
28 E3 Prijs Vlaanderen (4)
29 Brabantse Pijl (5)

5 Tour of Flanders (2)
8 Gent-Wevelegem (4)
12 Paris-Roubaix (2)
19 Amstel Gold Race (4)
22 La Flèche Wallonne (4)

26 Liège-Bastogne-Liège (2)

9-31Jun Giro d'Italia (1)


7-14 Critérium du Dauphiné Libéré (3)
13-21 Tour de Suisse (3)


5-27 Tour de France (1)

29-20 Sept Vuelta a Espana (1)


23 World Champs Time Trial (4)
26 World Champs Road Race (4)

17 Giro di Lombardia (2)

Let's start in in April with the Springclassics:

Het Volk, K-B-K, Brabantse Pijl, Tour of Flanders, Gent-Wevelgem and Parijs-Roubaix. Sort of the same races:

Astana: Vaitkus, Murayev and Rast (3)

Caisse D'epargne: Garcia Acosta (1)

Liquigas: Franzoi and Willems (4)

Quick-Step: Boonen, Devolder,  Barredo, De Jongh, Rosseler, Weylandt and Chavanel (10)

Rabobank: Freire, Flecha, Posthuma, Langeveld, Boom and Nuyens (8)

SaxoBank: Cancellara, Breschel, Arveresen, O'grady, Goss and Kroon (8)

Silence-Lotto: Van Avermaet, Hoste, Roelandts and Gilbert (9)

Katusja: Gusev, McEwen, Ivanov, Pozzato (6)

Lampre: Ballan and Spilak (8)

Colombia: Cavendish, Hincapie, Burghardt and Edvald Boasson Hagen (6)

Het 3-luik: AGR- Fleche Wallonie and L-B-L

Astana: - (0)

Caisse D'epargne: Valverde, Rodriquez and Arroyo (9)

Liquigas: Nibali (2)

Quick-Step: - (0)

Rabobank: Gesink, Freire and Nuyens (6)

SaxoBank: Kroon, Schleck and Schleck (8)

Silence-Lotto: Dekker and Gilbert (5)

Katusja: Pfannenberger and Pozzato (5)

Lampre: Cunego and Gasparotto (8)

Team Colombia: Kirchen (7)

Tour of Suisse and Dauphine Libere:

Special category.. How do you include? The winners, Stagewinners of the one how get in the publicity? I pick a mix of sprinters and possible GT winners..

Astana: Armstrong, Zubeldia and Contador (10)

Caisse D'epargne: Uran, Valverde and Moreno (8)

Liquigas:  Benatti, Kreuziger and Kuschynski (7)

Quick-Step: Boonen and Devolder (4)

Rabobank: Mollema, Gesink and Freire (5) 

SaxoBank: Schleck and Schleck (4)

Silence-Lotto: Dekker, Evans, De Greeff and Van den Broeck (8)

Katusja: McEwen, Karpets and Steegmans (3)

Lampre: (0)

Team Colombia: Montfort, Lovkist and Albasini (7)

Giro D'italia, Tour de France, Vuelta a Espana

Astana: Armstrong, Kloden, Contador and Leipheimer  (8)

Caisse D'epargne: Rodriquez, Valverde,  Arroyo and Moreno  (7)

Liquigas: Basso, Pellizotti, Benatti, Kreuziger  and Nibali (10) 

Quick-Step: Boonen and Chavanel (5)

Rabobank: Mentsjov, Gesink and Freire (7)

SaxoBank: van Goolen, Cancellara, Breschel, Schleck and Schleck (9)

Silence-Lotto: Dekker, Evans, van Avernaet (6)

Katusja: McEwen and Steegmans (5)

Lampre: Bruseghin, Cunego, Gasparotto and Cauccholli (5)

Team Colombia: Cavendish, Sivtsov, Cavendish, Greipel, Montfort and Lovkist (8)

World Champs and Giro Lombardia

Astana:  Brajkovic (3)

Caisse D'epargne: Rodriquez, Valverde and Uran (7)

Liquigas:  Nibali (3)

Quick-Step: - (0)

Rabobank: Gesink, Nuyens and Freire (8)

SaxoBank: Cancellara, Larsson, Kolobnev and F. Schleck (8)

Silence-Lotto: Dekker, Chavanel and Gilbert (6)

Katusja: Pozzato and Pfanneberger (5)

Lampre: Cunego and Ballan (10)

Team Colombia: (0)


So the results. I hope you still enjoy it..


Spring 3-luik Suisse/Dauphine Grand Tours WC and Lombardia Total
Astana 3 0 10 8 3 24
Caisse 1 9 8 7 7 32
Liquigas 4 2 7 9 3 25
CSC 8 8 4 9 8 37
Quick-Step 10 0 4 4 0 18
Rabobank 7 7 5 7 8 34
Silence-Lotto 9 5 8 6 6 34
Katusja 6 5 3 5 5 24
Lampre 8 8 0 5 10 31
Team Colombia 6 7 7 8 0 28

As solid as a rock SaxoBank.. Predictable? Yeah a bit. They are just too strong..

  1. SaxoBank
  2. Silence-Lotto/Rabobank
  3. Caisse D'Epargne
  4. Lampre
  5. Team Colombia
  6. Liquigas
  7. Astana/Katusja
  8. Quick-Step

So what does it say?

  • Nothing about the wins.. Let's make that clear.. Only that SaxoBank probably get the most attention next year and it gets clear why they can have their great teamtactics..
  • Silence picked their cyclists for this season very good. They weren't there last year. A pity for them they didn't get Schumacher and Kohl(?)
  • Is it fair to let P-N, T-A and MSR out? Probably not..
  • Someone how has something to add? Please do.. Even if you think the blog isn't that good.
  • Team Colombia and Lampre are good but both have a zero pointer. So they have weaknesses in their squad. Team Colombia let go a couple of their top riders... Lampre just to few riders for a week or so.
  • Quick-Step is really based on the spring.. Just to small minded Belgium!

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