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New Year's Resolution Time

How about some silliness for a Thursday afternoon? I got a full espresso, an internet connection, and nothing to do.

Write a New Year's resolution for your favorite cyclist. If you do not have a favorite cyclist, one will be provided for you. If you are your favorite cyclist, purchase several mirrors so as to gaze often on your awesome-ness. Then, seek help.

A few to get started.

• Signor Basso resolves not to mix blood cells with his blood cells. (Eh, cheap shot, I know. I'll try harder on the next one.)

• Daniele Bennati resolves to travel to California to meet his crazed, but harmless, American tifosi. No hottitude will be harmed in this expedition. (Another easy one. You're slacking Gav, you're slacking.)

• Gilberto Simoni resolves not to call Damiano Cunego any names. At least, not in public. This prohibition does not extend to robots or extraterrestrials, however. (Better?)

• Thomas Dekker will go Green this year. In an effort to conserve precious resources, he will use less oil in future photo shoots.