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Paris - Tours...............LIVE

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France_mediumTime for the sprinters last waltz of the season. Don't be fooled though, the recent editions have been anything
but long parades too an inevitable bunch-gallop. The thing is, as much as this is the Sprinter's Classic, it is also the Breakaway-artist's Classic. 
For pointers on how to do it the hard way watch Erik Dekker's amazing win in 2004.

This is the last year we will see the classic finish on the Avenue de Grammont. Due to the laying of tram-tracks they will not use the never-ending avenue in the future.

Startlist Official site ( with ticker)

Livevideo: Should be available from 15:25 CEST  (9:25 US eastern, 00:25 AEST)

CTV carries the race live and free in the US, other links from Steephill and Cyclingfans