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Are You Ready For Some... Parcours??

Gd_depart_2010_01_1__mediumTomorrow, ASO opens its doors, invites into a grand auditorium the cream of the non-Lombardia cycling crop (with the exception of a few people who they don't like, for various and arbitrary reasons), and assaults the audience with videos covering the 2010 Tour de France route. Riders, managers, and past cycling greats will all don their best clothes to smile, say nice things, and try not to provoke a fight with Bernard Hinault. It should be great fun, and make for a cool liveblog. I don't see the video info at, but Cycling.TV will be among the sources of live coverage. Stay tuned for details, or fill them in as you see them. We will open a new post for the event itself, and do a wrap-up with the stage announcements after. For now, use this to coordinate, spread rumors, and provoke a fight with Bernard Hinault.

[Update] I am asking -- nay, demanding! -- that the PdC fashionistas do their best to attend the liveblog. Fashion is what this event is mostly about, and anyway it's a good way to get in snark-shape for the upcoming Giro gala, the REAL cycling fashion event.