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Lazy Sunday action........LIVE?

For those who need to wind their season down gradually rather than stop cold turkey after Lombardia there might be some excellent opportunities for therapeutic race-watching today.

On the road there is the Tour de Vendée in the heartland of French cycling. This will be broadcast in France but it's unclear if there will be video elsewhere. If not you can watch the course animation here. It's like the TdF one, on a budget. Live video should start at 16:35 CEST (10:35 US eastern). Check Cyclingfans for possible links. Startlist here

For those with a mud-fetish there's the Cyclocross World Cup in Treviso. CTV has this in their UCI and Gold packages if you subscribe to those........ unless you live in the US that is, in which case you're screwed. The women's race starts at 13:20 CEST (07:20 US eastern) and the men's at 15:20 CEST.
Who knows, there might be one of those free feeds that we hate so much available?