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Planning Ahead: PdC in Flanders 2010!

Round_cobbles_mediumThe Podium Cafe will officially be on hand for de Ronde van Vlaanderen and Paris-Roubaix, as well as the previous weekend's action (E3, G-W) and everything in between. I have previously hinted at this, but now it's official, or at least the subject of a plane ticket, and we all know how hard it is to change those. So for now, a couple things to pass on and ask you:

I do intend to have a Podium Cafe House if possible, depending on the usual factors. First order of business, however, is where? My first thought was Brugge, precious as it is, but I dunno -- the pretty little spots aren't always where you want to spend a couple weeks. Am now thinking of Gent. A party must happen. Details much later.

Question: does anyone know where the teams hang out? Not hotels; just, what city or town seems to be the official or unofficial center of the action?

Who's coming? I know the Europeans can drag their feet on such decisions, but those of us coming overseas are probably thinking and/or planning already, no? I got a sweet deal on a flight, even by frequent flier mileage standards, so now seems to be a good time to book stuff.

Do I need a car? I will have a bike, and there are trains, but I wonder if I'll wind up spending more on trains than I would have on a car. Anyone with some ideas about this calculation (including whether driving and parking is a pain) please let me know.

As we get closer we'll have to talk race-viewing strategies and pub recommendations (same thing?). And I don't want to prattle on about my impending trip, lest I sound like I am gloating, but I do want to put the marker down. This may be one of the biggest PdC get-togethers ever, at least in Old Yurp. So do join us if you can.