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Halloween Hijinx: Blue Sky Velo Cup, Colorado

Blue Sky Cup

Bike wash. Pit crews had a busy day with the muddy conditions.

Tim Johnson and Katie Compton won Saturday's Blue Sky Velo Cup in Longmont Colorado. A solid snow storm blew into Colordo late last week and created sloppy, muddy conditions for race day. Pit crews played a key role as the leading riders swapped bikes every two laps. Cannondale-Cyclocross World went 1-2-3 in the mens race with Tim Johnson, Jeremy Powers, and Jamie Driscoll swept the podium. Johnson turned out sub-6 minute laps in the muddy conditions. The New Englander likes him some mud.

Katie Compton of Planet Bike rode away from the womens race and crossed the line two minutes ahead of second placed Georgia Gould of Luna Chix. Allison Dunlap, also riding for Luna Chix finished third. Although it was Halloween, there was a shocking lack of costumes. Colorado, what's with? Check CX Magazine for full results.

More photos from Fred Marx on the flip.

Katie Compton Planet Bike

Katie Compton, Planet Bike, powers through the mud.

Barbara Howe Vanderkitten

Barbara Howe of Vanderkitten rocks the kitty ears on the run-up.

Blue Sky Cup Cyclocross

Our fearless correspondant Fred Marx keeps his eye on the important things.

Tim Johnson Cannondale-Cyclocross world

Tim Johnson of Cannondale-Cyclocross World hearts him some sloppy conditions.

Danny Summerhill

Danny Summerhill, Slipstream-Holowesko Partners, looking a bit muddy.

Blue Sky Velo Cup

Katie Compton celebrates another win.


See Fred's full gallery from Blue Sky Velo Cup.

All photos copyright Christopher See and are used with permission.