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Boom: Forget Cyclocross

OK, not completely, but wunderkinder Lars Boom, 'cross god of past winters, is making a full transition to the road in 2010. From the Rabo Sport site:

"I will ride the Dutch championship beginning in January and also one or two cross races." More really is not [possible? happening?], said the Brabander. "The ['cross] World Cup? No, absolutely not. I want to focus on the spring classics. Providing the management team selects me, I want to ride the Omloop, de Panne, Flanders and Roubaix. And [something about riding the 'cross WC before a full road season]: that will not happen. "

For 2010, the look is only on the road. With what objectives? "I want a step up. It would be nice if I can win two more races than 2009 and especially in big matches. The Tour Yes, I would like to ride it. Obviously I do not quite know if I sit in the preselection. But again I would like to do a great Ronde but also ride the tour. And then a stage win. That would be wonderful."

Works for me. Cross is a cool sport, but obviously road racing dwarfs cross in all respects: money, opportunities, prestige, etc. It's an odd situation that such a young rider could feel conflicted at all about foregoing any portion of his road development, but then not everyone wins the 'cross World Championship at age 22.

Rabo Sport has a video interview with Bauke Mollema up. Why oh why didn't anyone sit me down as a child and tell me to learn Dutch? I blame my parents. Also, "boom" apparently means tree. Hooray for Larry Tree!