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Skil-Shimano 2010 Roster

Courtesy of Radsport

Piet Rooijakkers, Albert Timmer, Tom Veelers, Roy Curvers, Kenny van Hummel, Koen de Kort, Floris Goesinnen, Robin Chaigneau, Job Vissers (NED), Thierry Hupond, David Deroo, Steve Houanard, Yann Huguet, Alexandre Geniez (FRA), Robert Wagner, Simon Geschke (GER), Bert De Backer, Dominique Cornu (BEL), Yukihiro Doi, Fumiyuki Beppu (beide JAP), Feng Han, Long Jin, Cheng Ji (alle CHI), Frederik Wilmann (NOR), Mitchell Docker (AUS).

Not many changes from last year, when they threw a mix of sprinters and classics guys into the field with the odd nice result. Kenny van Hummel is the folk hero, along with being a solid sprinter. Some young talent in guys like Veelers for the classics. The biggest news is the arrival of Dominique Cornu from Quick Step. Cornu is a stage racer with a solid rep against the watch. At 24, there's time for him to add the climbing piece, though whether that ever gets him beyond the middlin' one-week events to the bigger stuff remains to be seen.

Oh, and the Asian cyclists... having some connections to that part of the world, I find it cool that they are investing in Japanese and Chinese riders. It's a beachhead. Check back in a decade or so.