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Contador Saga Ends; Thanksgiving O/T

...pretty much the way this quasi-non-story was always going to end. With Astana fully licensed and Contador's contract as binding as ever. I fully don't understand the mystique surrounding their payment history; maybe instead of blood values they can post their bank transactions on line so everyone can see the guarantees and pay stubs. I, however, will settle for an agreement to never discuss this topic again.

A more important topic is CyclingNews' disturbing headline to Andy Schleck's diary that robots have feelings. First, Schleck says nothing of the sort; in fact, he distinguishes between people who have feelings and robots. More importantly, however, is the apparent effort by CyclingNews to attribute feelings to robots. It is well known that robots, as soon as they gain the capability, have every intention of turning on humans and destroying us. Reporting that they have feelings is a way of distracting humans from this knowledge and coaxing us into letting down our guard. Was this headline an innocent mistake... or is CN in on the Robot Conspiracy? We report, you decide.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to our American audience. Light blogging on this side of the pond today. Enjoy each bite of dinner; it can all be sweated off on the trainer tomorrow.