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Tweet du Jour

Today's double winner is Lionel Birnie, author of one of the English cycling media's more invaluable columns, Cycling Weekly's Wednesday Comment (known to actually appear on Wednesday, unfathomable as that may seem). Not sure what's in his coffee today:

In the ten years I've been using the train line to Croydon the service has gotten slower and more crowded. Well done to everyone involved.

OK, traffic complaints. Happens to the best of us, on occasion, even if the everything-used-to-be-better stuff is often paired nicely with a "get off my lawn" or two. Then he chimes in with:

Love how many people who've said Murdoch's pay wall 'will never work' are busy retweeting the Tim Montgomery interview from the Times Online.

This is crank-ness of the highest order. The concept of Murdoch's pay wall is that people like me would have to buy subscriptions from Murdoch-owned media (e.g. the Times) in order to provide a link to a story of theirs. The complaint seems to be that Google and other aggregators are making money by using their content. The reality is that Google is delivering huge traffic to sites like the that probably wouldn't find the article otherwise, but hey, since when do websites rely on impressions for their business model? Regardless, as stupid as this idea may be in general practice, it's improbably even stupider in Cycling, where people like me can watch events and interviews online without anyone's help, and find the news we need from a million sources. I can't think of a single incentive to post links to some interview on the Times website, so my price point for this paywall access is something under a penny. Paying a penny involves effort, and that's beyond what I care to invest in directing people to some greedy bastard's media site. Why Birnie would pitch this nonsense is unknown.

Still, love his work.