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Boulder Cup Cyclocross: Sand Traps

U.S. National road champion Meredith Miller navigates the sand pit.

Fearless photographer Fred Marx journeyed to Boulder on Sunday for more Cross adventuring. The results repeated Saturday's race as Katie Compton of Planet Bike won the women's elite race and Tim Johnson of Cannondale-Cyclocross World won the men's race. The course at the Boulder Reservoir was all about sand. No muddy this time, just deep, wheel-sucking pits of sand. Head over to CX Magazine for more story and full results.

We're all about pictures. More on the flip!

Amy Dombroski

U.S. U23 National Champion Amy Dombroski finished second behind Katie Compton after floating through the sand.

Alison Dunlap Luna

Former mountain bike World Champion Alison Dunlap finished third at Boulder.

Jeremy Powers

Hello, Jeremy Powers... Powers finished second to Cannondale-Cyclocross World team-mate Tim Johnson.

Mike Kracht

Mike Kracht of Church of the Big Ring powers through the sand.

Bunny-hopping the barriers.

Tim Johnson Cannondale-Cyclocross World Boulder Cup

The day's happy winner, Tim Johnson of Cannondale-Cyclocross World.


See Fred's full gallery from the Boulder Cup.


All photos copyright Christopher See and are used with permission.